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Himalayas Adventure

A journey of trekking


Himalayas Adventure likes a blossoming Rhododendron in lap of mighty Himalayas and following the footprints of our great trekking ancestors. We are growing, learning and sharing our trekking brotherhood with our family of customers.

We offer real experiences on vibrant terrains of Himalayas, exploring new trails to reach our destinations, camping in lap of Himalayas, home stay in scenic villages and sharing historical, cultural information which make our treks more enjoyable, unforgettable and real.

“Himalayas Adventure” has been founded in 2017 with believe that we would share our trekking experience, local culture and knowledge of Uttarakhand in responsible and sustainable manner to our customers. We are young and dynamic professionals who passionate to take our adventure services to next level for our customers with following the protocols of safety, information and knowledge.

 Himalayas Adventure organizes a wide range of exhilarating Himalayas Informative- Historical-Pilgrimage treks and tours in the land of God- Uttarakhand. We are armed with team of experienced, certified & knowledgeable professionals. We passionately customize trips in some of the most spectacular field of Trekking, Camping, Tour, Rafting, Cycling, Paragliding, Yoga & Meditation, Day Trip, Skiing, Wild safari, Char Dham Yatra, classic Resorts & home stay.

Adventure Activities

Services we Offered


Bungee Jumping

If you are an adventurous soul, then bungee jumping in Rishikesh is going to be of interest to you.


Jeep Safari

Every year, a great number of tourists, plan their vacation on the desert terra firm of Uttarakhand and its surroundings, and take pleasure in a range of safaris.


Rock climbing and Rappelling Activity

The adventure is all about reaching the top of the cliff with the help of cords and natural grips. Mountaineering needs prowess and techniques.


Flying Fox

Flying Fox consists feeling of flying with the help of cable. At Rishikesh the Flying Fox is Asia's longest flying fox where the speed can go up to 140 kmph. Flying fox at Rishikesh is total 1 km long at the height of 120 meters.


Giant Swing

Giant Swing Rishikesh is highest 83 meters Giant swing in India. Feel the thrill of swinging in giant way.


Zipline Adventure Activity

Flying 70 M high and 400 M long line over white water of river Ganga at Shivpuri, with breathtaking views of dive Ganga, foothills of Himalayas and river rafting.



If you are passionate about cycling and willing to unleash your cycling enthusiasm, Rishikesh is always a paradise for you.